Sunday, October 31, 2010

Busy House?

Since I named my blog Jenn's Busy House, you might be wondering what makes my house busier than others? Well, as of now, both of my girls have been diagnosed FASD and are both on meds for their AHDH symptoms.  My son also has ADHD and is on meds.  If you ask me, I also have it, but I'm not going to pay a doctor a thousand dollars to tell me that!!  Since I also have depression, my family doctor has prescribed me Wellbutrin which in some people treats both simultaneously.  I think it works well, but I'm sure my caffeine intake helps too. lol
Being both a mother and a teacher gives me a very unique perspective.  I am passionate about trying to have my kids get the best education possible.  I am also very concerned about teaching my students according to the best ways that they learn.  For me this means incorporating many different strategies and, by trial and error, finding out which ones work best for which students.  I have found a number of different things that work in my classroom, but not everything works for everyone, of course!
I look forward to sharing resources and things that I have learned along this wild and wonderful journey.  I hope that someone out there finds something useful to them.  I'd love to hear from you if you do.
More to follow another time...

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