Sunday, March 23, 2014

Music for ADHD?

I read an article today about the power of music to help ADHD symptoms. The complexity of the music has the ability to engage synapses that might otherwise misfire (to paraphrase in my layman's terms). The article primarily talks about the use of music in therapy and the practical application for families. I will definitely be trying this at home with my ADHD peeps (me included). Here is the link to the article:
My interest is for classroom use. I have a class of amazing and wonderful grade fives who have a tendency to be a bit on the rowdy side. If I were to play soft music in the background of the classroom, would it affect the entire mood of the room? I'm thinking that it might!
My question to all of you...
TEACHERS: have you used music in the background while you've taught a lesson? Or, have you only had music playing while students are working independently? Inquiring minds want to know😉

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