Thursday, March 13, 2014

Dinner Blunder

An ADHD problem: your eyes read one thing, but your brain registers something different! Earlier in the week, I received a message from a friend, inviting my hubby and I over "for an evening". The problem is that my brain registered "for dinner".  We figured out a night, I asked if I could bring anything, and the plans were set. Only one problem - the plans in our heads were completely different. Fast forward to today...knowing my own tendency to make the occasional mistake (insert sarcasm font), I sent a message to clarify whether we should come over at 7 or if dinner was at 7. Unfortunately, the message wasn't received. Did I go back and reread our previous messages? Lol, of course not! DOH! Since the actual plan was to come over at 7, after dinner, we were about 40 minutes early and we hadn't eaten dinner, SMH! It might have been remotely possible to cover my mistake, if my hubby, Shawn, hadn't wondered 'what we were having' on the drive over because he was starving, UGH!
When we arrived, all was fine, and I took a bottle of wine over to my friend in her kitchen. I causally mentioned that I'd sent her a message to clarify the time for dinner. Then, there is a look exchanged between us that alerts me to my error. "Did you guys have dinner yet?" In that split second before I answer, I have to weigh my embarrassment at my ridiculous mistake and the fact that I know Shawn is starving! I couldn't let Shawn sit there hungry because of my mistake. I had to admit that I'd messed up. Sometimes ADHD can make you feel like such a DORK!
Thank goodness I have such awesome and forgiving friends! We went on to have a very pleasant evening. I only hope that I have the opportunity to get things right next time. 😉

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