Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Snow at Last!

I posted previously about how much my kids love to play outside!  Since all three of them have ADHD, it's really quite crucial to their existence (and my sanity).  However, fall in my little part of Canada can be so...gross!  Cold, rain, mud, and not very much fun to be had at all. 
Friday though brought just what I have been waiting for.  We got a foot of snow!!!  Call me crazy, but I love winter and so do my kids.  It gives the whole town a fresh clean start.  Everything looks more beautiful covered with snow.  Of course there is also the cozy sweaters, fireplaces, snuggles, hot chocolate, and SNOW to PLAY in! 
Now as you can imagine there can be a little bit of conflict in my house from time to time (can you hear my sarcasm?), but on Saturday all three of my outdoorsy kids played together without fighting!!!  They worked together to build a snow fort, on a grand scale.  Each of them have their own bedrooms, they were working on making beds and dressers.  They flattened down a driveway to make parking spots for their GT and sleds.  They even started on a deck with a BBQ! 
Talk about ADHDers being creative...keep the snow coming!

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