Monday, November 15, 2010

ADHD at Work

Here is what I find particularly difficult about work - people who can only think inside the box!  I mentioned in an earlier post that I believe that ADHDers are not just outside the box thinkers, they didn't even realize that there was a box.  This makes us excellent problem solvers.  I have often had colleagues comment to me that they would "never have thought of it that way", or "how do you always come up with such great ideas?"  Currently, I'm working with some very, very inside the box thinkers, they may even be trapped in there.  I find this driving me crrrrrraaaaaazzzzzyy at work. 
I think there are thousands of shades of grey.  I simply don't understand how some people can only see black or white solutions.  In fact, I'm getting to the point where it actually feels like my ideas are being devalued.  I'm feeling stifled.  Restless.  Pulled in another direction. 
I'm thinking of making a career change, very early stage thinking.  I have been both a primary teacher with a specialist in reading and a special education teacher.  I have children with FASD and ADHD.  I truly believe there is a need for small specialized schools that meet the needs of special children better than the public school system currently does.  In my location, the closest special needs classroom for primary aged children is about 90 km away.  So it's not very feasible for parents to send their children there.  The closest private school only begins at grade 7.
Some of the ideas that I'm throwing around are:
  • small class sizes (duh)
  • timetables with built in sensory diets
  • vestibular stimulation with children sitting on yoga balls or balance disks for chairs
  • tons of kinestetic learning activities
  • shorter periods, more movement, more breaks
  • education about the disorders so students have better understanding
  • etc.
I would love to have comments or feedback about how you all cope with narrow-minded coworkers.  Or, what you think about the ideas of smaller specialized schools.  Can't wait to hear your thoughts...

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  1. There is a great need for that kind of special school. Inclusion does not work for FASD kids.