Sunday, November 21, 2010

Safe Adrenaline Rushes

At Great Wolf Lodge my ADHD thrill seekers/fish can slide and swim to their hearts content!  We have been there before and I can guarantee that we will go back again.  It's big enough that we don't run out of things to do, but it's small enough that the tween girls can roam and not get lost.  My kids can expend their boundless energy from morning until night.  They (GWL) are smart enough to also provide a buffet restaurant. My family's favourite kind, not because it's all you can eat but you can pick out what you like and you don't have to wait to be served.  The only waiting is to get a table.  Even then, while waiting in the lobby, there are animatronic creatures everywhere to entertain them.  It's ADHD paradise!
The worst part is getting them to leave.  That's when the reality sets back in.  Of course, everyone was up late, so everyone is tired and grouchy today.  Lots of extra patients required today, but it was worth it and the post GWL fighting is almost over because it will soon be bedtime.  Can you read my smile coming through?
I really think that is one of our most important jobs as parents of ADHD kiddos, finding outlets for their energy.  My greatest hope is that if I find them enough creative, safe, acceptable ways to meet their thrill seeking and adventurous needs they will not need to be dangerous, reckless teenagers!  I know, my fingers are crossed too.  But a season's pass to the closest amusement park should facilitate enough adrenaline rushes that they don't need to speed their cars down a dangerous highway!  Here's hoping...

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