Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What Box?

People with ADHD can "think outside the box".  Really, what box?  I think that those of us with ADHD never even knew there was a box! I recently came across a printable poster about reasons to love your ADHD.  I thought there were lots of good points on it!  It was from the website for ADDitute Magazine.  They had a couple of different printable posters that are very light-hearted.  They have asked that the posters not be reproduced, but here is the link if you would like to check them out:  http://www.additudemag.com/RCLP/sub/2734.html 
I think that many people need to realize that ADHD is not an inherently bad thing, there are many, many positives that go along with the diagnosis.  The trick is learning to use your strengths to your advantage and coping with your weaknesses...wait a minute doesn't that describe every one's life?

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